• Kristy Kilik

End of June garden projects update

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We put our ground garden I super late. Potatoes went in the first week of June, Peas, corn, beans went in the second week of June. Not much happening there so I didn't show any of it in the update video. A lot of rain kept us from getting things done in the garden, but I am happy to have the kid zone set up and planted. I can't wait for the colours to pop and fill the whole corner.

Sunflowers were started in the greenhouse as was the peppers. The tomatoes and cucumbers I started at the end beginning of April in the house.

Where our home is located here in Hotchkiss AB, all around us is zone 3, but the map pin points our house as a zone 2B. We will see how the Hydrangea and the roses fair this winter.

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