• Kristy Kilik

Iceman almost died but his herbal treatment saved him so far.

So Iceman was in a pickle. He ended up going down out in the pasture during our very hectic June. He got so fat so fast out on the pasture that he had early signs of laminitis causes from Equine Metabolic Syndrome aka Insulin Resistance. He also found a way to graze the alsike growing between our fence and the fence next door, landing him with alsike poisoning. The blood tests showed extreme high liver enzymes which is never a good sign, especially when accompanied with jaundice in the gums and eyes meaning liver failure was happening. He was a hot mess, I am shocked he survived it.

I dove into my herbal training from my woo-woo medicine person background (yes it comes in handy sometimes), and I started treating him with herbal remedy. Thankfully I already had several herbal products on hand to get him going on an aggressive herbal treatment plan. In the video I share what I used on him now for treating his condition. (Link below for herbs website I get them from and a 10% discount code). The products in the video are not all the same as the initial treatment, which I will likely do a separate video for, but it is a great informative place to start with herbs for many equine conditions.

The Heaves, well my mare had a heaves condition preexisting before we bought her most likely that was triggered from some bad hay she got into. I share about the 3 day treatment that cleared her right up that I use as I need to anytime she has a flare. It is the best treatment I have by far ever used in any of my horse ownership experience. I often just do one treatment and its cleared up, but have used it up to 3 days before. no real need to treat beyond three days. Info is all in the video, and again, the links are below to the website I get the products from. NOTE I am NOT an affiliate i just love the products and herbs a lot.

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