• Kristy Kilik

Installing my garden weathervane "when pigs fly"

Who doesn't love flying pigs??? I know I sure do. The phrase "when pigs fly" was an expression used a lot in my childhood. There are so many things that we have accomplished the past several years that would have been on the "when pigs fly" list of my past. So this little weathervane is a reminder for me everyday that everything is possible, even the impossible. She will fly as my victory flag.

I purchased this weathervane on Amazon through Good Directions. The shipping took a while, partly because of covid, but I had to wait for them to make it by hand. Totally worth the wait! You can find out all about them and see all their incredible things on their website here www.gooddirections.com.

It was easy to assemble, took longer to unwrap it from its packaging and bubble wrap than to actually set it up. They do sell mounting brackets for rooftops mounting, which definitely may be an option in the future for us, but for now, I love it in my garden.

~ Kristy

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