• Kristy Kilik

July Garden Tour in zone 2b. New garden space.

Where our house is located, we are in zone 2B on the maps. Our neighbors all around us are in zone 3. I do not think we are overly different in cooler temps, we usually are a bit warmer, however we do often miss getting any moisture. This year we have had rain nearly every day and very hot temperatures between the rains.

I started cucumbers, pumpkins, broccoli, sunflowers, peppers and tomatoes for the first time this year in the house. Some peppers I bought. They had time growing in the greenhouse through May before planting anything out in the beginning of June. We are enjoying the abundance very much.

We have noticed that we have very few pollinators. I have had to pollinate all of the pumpkins by hand. They have finally started producing female flowers! Its been a slow start for that. All in all we are happy with how the garden is coming along. Most of the beans did not come up. but everything else is thriving.

I hope you enjoy our little garden update! Please tell is what you think!

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