• Kristy Kilik

Reinders Co. Episode 4 Landscape Plant review & Treating a wheezing horse

Hang out with me to review some of my best landscaping plants of 2020 and learn what I have learned this growing season. What plants are the best value for your dollar in my opinion to fill big spaces and where I found them up here in Northern Alberta.

I also treat a horse with a herbal treatment to clear up a pretty bad case of wheezing/ allergies and heaves and show you the results. Links below for herbal products I used in this video.

Herbs for Horses Product Affiliate Links and discount code Breathe https://bit.ly/2YqHypw

Kick the Cough https://bit.ly/31mwwTX

10 % off discount code KRISTY

special mentions in this video Garden Answer on Youtube, Roots & Refuge on Youtube. Amicis Gardens on Facebook, Michelle's Nursery on Facebook, Proven Winners and Herbs for Horses.

Thank you for watching!


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