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Water Bath Canning

Kristy's Sweet

Sandwich Pickles

This is what I make out of the over sized and bitter cucumbers from the garden.. These pickles fly off the shelves. Chas and his friends ask to have these at almost every meal. They are crunchy, sweet and flavorful.




Gluten Free

Kristy’s Rustic Gluten

Free Cloud 9 Pastry


This tasty treat can be used with any GF flour or regular flour can be substituted. I just like the cloud 9 brand with rice and buckwheat flour as the main ingredients in this mix. It makes a dark crust but what it lacks in pretty it makes up in flavor. Find cloud 9 at your local freson bro. IGA.

water bath canning

Kristy’s Sweet & Spicy



This recipe is what I am famous for in my family. Everyone loves it and often asks me to make this for them on a regular basis. It is a great way to use zucchini, goes great on just about any meat.

My most requested recipe

gluten free

Kristy’s Zucchini & Strawberry Cake

This is a great sheet cake recipe that freezes well. I personally make this and freeze in halves or quarters for making trifles. It makes awersome little cupcakes too. Just ice with your choice of frosting. 

gluten free

Kristy's Berry Muffins

Make them with traditional flour OR gluten free & dairy free. This recipe is easy, kid friendly and freezes well.

from the garden

Kristy’s Beet &

Zucchini Salad

This salad is different and may not be for everyone, but its one of those recipes that is loved or not loved. Young tender zucchini is delicious in this simple salad.  I find it is easy to pick these ingredients from the garden for a sweet and savory side dish.

Heirloom Grains

Kristy's Gooey

Cinnamon Buns

I make this when I make my Hard Red Spring Wheat buns. One could use heavy cream instead of the coconut cream, but my family prefers it this way. You really do not taste the coconut. Most people would never know its there. They are the perfect sweet, not too sweet but still a treat!

water bath canning

Kristy’s Pickle


This is the tried and tested family favorite pickle brine recipe. When I make pickles, they fly off the shelves. When Chas has friends over, they always ask if I made pickles and if they can have some.  I use it for dill pickles or dilly beans & dilly carrots. just add dill & garlic to the jars. I hope you enjoy.

water bath canning

Kristy’s Canned

Peaches in 

extra light syrup

This recipe is a great tasty treat. Chas loves taking canned fruit in his lunch. To be shelf stable using water bath canning, this recipe is the way to go for the least amount of sugar for shelf stability water bathing.

gluten free

Kristy’s Zucchini & Strawberry Cake


This recipe is so easy. Kids love making it too! I use my zucchini strawberry cake recipe to make this. Make it from frozen  cake out of the freezer or make it fresh. It is a great treat that my family loves. Makes a lot of dessert! 

gluten free

Kristy's Garden Carrot 

& Pineapple 


Make them with traditional flour OR gluten free & dairy free. This recipe is easy, kid friendly and freezes very well. 

gluten free

Kristy’s Gluten Free Crispy Fried

Minute Steak

When I ask Chas, "what should I make for dinner?" he always asks me to make this. Every time. I usually have to make him an extra one because he loves it so much. The key to this recipe is make it crisp, and season it heavily. Sometimes I season the meat before adding it to the flour and again at the end. 

Heirloom Grains

Kristy's Hard Red

Spring Wheat Buns

This recipe is made with very specific grains for nutritional reasons, however you can use any flour you wish. This recipe I have adapted from My aunt Irma's recipe and I have found a happy balance with it using these specific grains in this recipe that don't trigger my wheat sensitivity.

water bath canning

Kristy’s Funky

Chunky Monkey

Jam Butter

This recipe is very similar to the one found on 'Just a pinch" which is where I have originally found inspiration for this monkey butter. I have a few options that are interesting ways to use this as a topper. Even though I have not grown any of the main ingredients of this recipe, it is one my family loves. 

Voted BEST recipe

Kristy’s Banana

Chocolate Chip

Muffins (gluten free)

Make them with traditional flour OR gluten free & dairy free. This recipe is easy, kid friendly and freezes very well. 

gluten free

Kristy's Sweet Cherry Double Chocolate Muffins

Make them with traditional flour OR gluten free & dairy free. This recipe is easy, kid friendly and is great as a dessert.

from the garden

Kristy’s Healing Hearty Beef & Garden Veggie Soup

This recipe is great for a hearty meal. I make it when I have smaller amounts of veggies coming in the garden and need to use some up. This recipe is good for getting minerals and vitamins into the body, especially on days the weather wears a person down.

Family Favorite

Kristy’s Tropical 

Chicken Pizza

(gluten free)

This is how we use up left over chicken. We make a copycat version of Boston Pizza's tropical chicken pizza on cauliflower crust. So good.

You can use any  pizza crust for this, but we like the Western Family Cauliflower crust from Freson Brothers IGA.